The Weight of Light by David Luntz

The weight of light can be measured by my uncle Kev’s death. But before that, some memories: it’s family dinner and uncle Kev’s explaining how the bread mashed in his ex-boxer’s, sixty-year-old fist represents Pangea and the glass of wine in his fingers the Tethys Sea. He’s telling us about the earth’s history, Wegener’s theoryContinue reading “The Weight of Light by David Luntz”

Wild Thing by Eileen Vorbach Collins

Her tail is up and there is a spring to her step as my Labrador non-retriever mix heads out on her morning walk through the manicured landscape of our gated, cookie-cutter community. The Saint Augustine grass is thick and coarse and while she is not fond of the feel of it on her paw pads,Continue reading “Wild Thing by Eileen Vorbach Collins”

Two Micro Memoirs by Beth Ann Fennelly

Heating and Cooling The A/C won’t work, so I call a repairman. His name, he tells me at the door, isMatthew. I lead him to the office we added on ten years ago—it has a separatesystem—and point out the little trapdoor in the ceiling. He’s up there a long, long time, and when he findsContinue reading “Two Micro Memoirs by Beth Ann Fennelly”