Somewhat More Than Zero by Leah Mueller

When your boyfriend looks like Elvis Costello, you’d better be a new wave babe. I was the furthest thing from a new wave babe, and Rob knew it. Two years past high school, I still wore earth shoes, gray wool socks and tie-dyed wraparound skirts. Nobody in Chicago dressed like that in 1979. I attractedContinue reading “Somewhat More Than Zero by Leah Mueller”

A Micro By K.B. Carle

A Reminiscence of High School Required Reading that Triggered My Search for the Black Protagonist Great Expectations | The Odyssey | Greek Tragedies | Henry the Fourth | Upon the Head of the Goat | Medea | Out of Many: A History of the American People | Sons and Lovers | The Great Gatsby | Mrs. Dalloway | The Tempest | ParadiseContinue reading “A Micro By K.B. Carle”

Divorced By Amy Barnes

DIVORCED A car the size of a house rams our house that’s the size of a house. Thunder from a 1986 Thunderbird shakes me out of my canopy bed to the window to the street. It’s the moment I know my mother is a liar, a big one. She lays there lazy for too longContinue reading “Divorced By Amy Barnes”