Submissions are closed and will reopen April 1, 2023.

We are interested in your previously published Creative Nonfiction with a concentration on personal, memoir, flash, micro, and experimental essays. We’re not interested in critical, academic, or political pieces. Your piece must have been published in a literary journal or magazine. Personal blogs, Substacks, and the like do not qualify.

Word count is limited to 3000 words whether it be one or two pieces. Please don’t submit more than two. Send your submission as a doc or docx attachment. Please provide your bio with social media info (if desired) and a link to your published piece in your cover letter.

Email submissions to

We require you possess all rights to your submitted work and it must be over one (1) year since your piece was originally published when you submit. Work submitted before the one year mark will be unread. Publishing rights and content responsibility remain with the writer.

Should your piece be accepted, we will ask for an author photo (unless you prefer not) and a short paragraph about the creation of your story. Please refer to published pieces for context.

One writer only and their story will have the spotlight and be published every week on Friday.

Please allow thirty (30) days for a response. We look forward to reading your story!