Missing by Lucy Wilde

7:15 am  Today, there is more of you missing. I almost walk past your door in the Intensive Care Unit, as I no longer recognize what is left of my husband. All but a few inches of your Adam’s rib-length wavy hair remains, cut jagged and frayed at the ends. I know who did this.Continue reading “Missing by Lucy Wilde”

Waiting by Karen Zey

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –That perches in the soul –Emily Dickenson I insist on driving. Dennis hands me the keys, indulging my need for that modicum of control. It’s his nineteenth visit to the oncologist, part of the routine over the last four years that has kept my husband close to healthy—and alive.Continue reading “Waiting by Karen Zey”

Death, Driveways, and Dreams by Cindy Bradley

I am twelve years old. I’m walking barefoot down my driveway to retrieve the Los Angeles Times, our morning newspaper. It’s still early, but the cement is warm beneath my feet and the sky is clear, promises of another perfect, 80-something degree summer southern California day. The paper is folded into thick thirds, tucked intoContinue reading “Death, Driveways, and Dreams by Cindy Bradley”

Blue Baby Blanket by Candace Cahill

For years I kept his blue baby blanket in the bottom right-hand drawer of my dresser. I stole it from the hospital. I remember lifting it to my face and noting the sharp odor of sour milk mingled with the intoxicating scent of baby. Without a thought, I slipped the soft, waffle-like material into my brownContinue reading “Blue Baby Blanket by Candace Cahill”

Arguing with Social Media about Your Demise by Thomas O’Connell

Facebook doesn’t seem to know that you’re dead; it wants me to wish you a happy birthday. Google knows you’re dead. When I search your name, the third hit is your obituary. The first two results are for an Italian restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, which shares your name. According to their website, I can orderContinue reading “Arguing with Social Media about Your Demise by Thomas O’Connell”